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Add Elegance and Versatility to Your Bedroom by Designing Aesthetical Wardrobe

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Choosing wardrobes depends entirely on individual requirement and taste. Thankfully in present times, wardrobes can be designed in plenty ways, made to order and delivered within stipulated time. There are many number of plywood wardrobes, which can be more stylishly crafted and fitted into the floor area according to individual taste and necessity.

Personalized Wardrobes

The wardrobes can be designed to look modern or traditional; to suit the individual choice. Wardrobes need to be compartmentalized for a variety of clothing, especially for the ladies, and keeping in mind that fashion trends keep changing and vertical space needs to be created to hang long clothes. You will require the wardrobe to fit dresses of different lengths, so that section needs to be designed to suit the specific requirement. Then there are other different types of clothes that need to be visually separated for neat storing. You will need shelves for them and drawers too. Therefore, the process of compartmentalizing different clothes will need to be carefully explored and designed.  Not just the variety, but the numbers too in the variety like T-shirts, dress-shirts, jeans, formal pants etc. The full length mirror can be accommodated with drawers for dressing.

 The need will largely specify the breadth and depth of the wardrobe. Men may need to hang a lot of suits, in which case the wardrobe needs to be wide with a two inch space between the hangers. The depth has to be fourteen inches, which is the size of a normal hanger size, and two inches front and back lever space, so in inches (19+2+2) will be the minimum depth. The length of the hanging space depends on the kinds of suits, the Bundhgalas, Sherwanis, Dinner Jackets, formal suits and business suits; they all vary in length so the shelves created should accommodate all types of clothes. Then there is the inner-wear and gym wear, which apply to both men and women wardrobes.

The children’s wardrobes are altogether different. They need to be safe and splinter-free. It is important that they are firmly fixed that it will not topple over, because children can be adventurous, therefore care needs to be taken that children’s wardrobes are not air tight. Some amount of gap need to be esthetically featured, either with cane matting or plastic weaving to ensure that there is ample air in case children think it is the ideal place to hide, while playing hide-‘n’-seek. Safety is of utmost importance if there are children in the house.


Plywood furniture with laminate always has a certain edge here. They are easier to customize accommodate into smaller areas and still provide large storing space. The thickness (slimness) of plywood furniture allows it to be tucked into the wall space neatly. Plywood is nowadays termite/borer proof are safe for clothing and storing.

Esthetically Designed Wardrobe

Wardrobes can be esthetically designed to complement the style of the other furniture in the room, like the bed and side tables. Plywood furniture can be made to match the color scheme with laminate sheets, the wardrobes can come alive with colors deep and rich to complement the wall. It can be used to effectively create roominess as well as create space within.

The slimness of plywood wardrobes can also be used to an advantage, and can also be double-sided for partition and space creation. There is really no limit to designing the wardrobe especially with plywood wardrobes with laminates, and they are very affordable. At Scale Inch we have a wide variety to choose from and our expert team’s advisory is good and helpful. The wardrobes can be bought online and their customer service is good.             

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