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19 Jun 0

Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Written By: admin Published In: Bedroom Furniture

Wardrobe, a tall cupboard or a standing closet where the clothing is usually kept. Modular wardrobes come with different sections for storage, capacious hanging spaces, sliding shelves and much more. 

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09 Jun 0

6 Affordable ways to add glamour to your bedroom

Written By: admin Published In: Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the home. It is where we wake up, get ready for the day, and spend our leisure to relax and the ultimate space where we turn off the lights for ending up the whole day

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13 Apr 0

Modern TV Wall Units Ideas Online for Living Room & Bedroom

Written By: admin Published In: Living Room Furniture

There is nothing like getting home and kicking off your work shoes and settling down to the news if you are up to it, or your favorite show, ‘Shark Tank’! The new age living spaces are prone toward comfort as well as optimum usage of space. Modern wall mounted TV units today easily keep up with the sleek elegant televisions and add to that luxurious feel of comfort.


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31 Dec 0

Highest Sold Living Room Furniture from Scale Inch

Written By: admin Published In: Living Room Furniture

What makes the house beautiful?

Get inspired and fall in love with our Living room furniture designs. Your living room is the center of your home and it’s the place where your family spends most of the time. Living room reflects your personality and tells about you. When shopping furniture for living room, you need to look for the right material, color, size and much more. The living room furniture’s you had always imagined begins from here!

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29 Dec 0

Celebrate New Year in the new style with Scale Inch Interiors

Written By: admin Published In: Scale Inch Specials

Start off the New Year Eve at your Residence

Let’s say Goodbye to 2016 with a grin and welcome 2017 with cheers. Hoping for lots of happiness, new wishes, prosperity and love lets greet and celebrate this new year with our dear ones at our residence. Rather than planning, organizing and sponsoring party in a public house (pub), club, discotheque or restaurants it’s better and nice to try a little different celebrating the new year eve at home.

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25 Nov 0

Add Elegance and Versatility to Your Bedroom by Designing Aesthetical Wardrobe

Written By: admin Published In: Bedroom Furniture

Choosing wardrobes depends entirely on individual requirement and taste. Thankfully in present times, wardrobes can be designed in plenty ways, made to order and delivered within stipulated time. There are many number of plywood wardrobes, which can be more stylishly crafted and fitted into the floor area according to individual taste and necessity.

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