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Flat 23%
Spindle Cabin with Laminate Finish
Ergonomic office interior designs with functional furniture. Made up of plywood with laminate f..
Rs.37,771 Rs.28,999
Ex Tax: Rs.28,999

Flat 24%
Abies Cabin with Laminate Finish
Abies cabin with utter sophistication along with practical added features. Made up of plywood w..
Rs.95,040 Rs.71,999
Ex Tax: Rs.71,999

Flat 23%
Persimmon Cabin with Laminate Finish
Office cabin incorporating side and cabin table, wall and wooden panelling, false ceiling etc M..
Rs.174,639 Rs.134,399
Ex Tax: Rs.134,399

Flat 26%
Salisbury Cabin with Laminate Finish
Feel the design and work with absolute mindset. Design your corporate space with Scale Inch at ..
Rs.175,500 Rs.129,999
Ex Tax: Rs.129,999

Flat 30%
Crisfield Cabin with Laminate Finish
Modern Office Cabin with Clutter free furniture.  Made up of plywood with laminate finish...
Rs.177,500 Rs.124,999
Ex Tax: Rs.124,999

Flat 13%
Staghorn Cabin with Laminate Finish
Office furniture's with cabin table, side table, wall panelling, false ceiling, sofa,wall paper. ..
Rs.195,500 Rs.169,999
Ex Tax: Rs.169,999

Flat 20%
Sitka Cabin with Laminate Finish
 You feel comfotable to work only when you have functional and right furniture's.  Ma..
Rs.200,600 Rs.160,999
Ex Tax: Rs.160,999

Flat 17%
Jeffery Cabin with Laminate Finish
 Customizing office space is now easy with scaleinch.  Office furniture set consistin..
Rs.198,000 Rs.164,999
Ex Tax: Rs.164,999

Flat 18%
Jammi Cabin with Laminate Finish
Office cabin with perfect color combination made up of plywood with laminate finish.  The ..
Rs.85,400 Rs.69,999
Ex Tax: Rs.69,999

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